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Updated: May 24, 2020

Track List

1. Nicotine – A song reflecting on the battles of a smoker trying to quit.

2. Stay Strong – This song was written in the shadows of the random mass shootings around the world, intended for not only for the victims families, but also an outreach for any future would be shooters to find inner strength to get the help they need, without taking lives.

3. Hell-Bent Avenue – We all get sidetracked in life, but this song dives headfirst into a hell-bent determination to meet end goals and recognizing the crossroads we come across.

4. Chapters – The title track: (I also have an exclusive piano version, currently available to my website members) – This track walks thru the various stages/chapters within our lives and presses the notion to not allow ourselves to get hung up on what has been written, but to drive toward what’s next to be written.

5. Here at Home – A song of appreciation for those around us… with a twist.

6. Hope’s Legacy – This is my favorite and one where I put my heart on the table for. It’s also my branding statement, but I never realized the depth until I did my research for this song. What is hope? Why is it important? I have a write-up on my website here, if you’re interested in the making.

7. Need to Fly – A song of encouragement and going after your dreams. Not waiting around or letting procrastination take hold. It also has a subtle influence of our need to have the message passed on from generation to generation (especially with things like video games taking over our young ones… right?).

8. What’s My Name – This was a fun song to write. It takes the visual of a shadow and interlaces itself with our determinations to do the best we can, at everything we do, while not looking for praise or acclaim. If you’re one of those people, well, …what’s your name?

9. You and Me – A song of excitement, reflecting into the journeys with our significant other.

10. Valentine – A simple, yet passionate and expressive love hymn.

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© 2020 Jason Rector Publishing LLC

This is a fully independent released & owned songwriting work. All lyrics, music, audio engineering with mix/mastering and publication duties, were performed/created by the Independent Songwriter: Jason Rector.

All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.

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"I want to send everyone an advanced thank you for continued support, continued inspiration and continued interest in the sacred art of music. Whether it's here or elsewhere, keep on rockin'!" Jason Rector @ Jason Rector Publishing LLC

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