Jason Rector Publishing LLC

A multi-versed hidden musical talent, Jason Rector is a family driven artist, located in Northern Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains, known to be: 


By Day:

  • A loving father, husband, son and brother

  • An Electrician/Design Engineer with one of the largest Design-Build Firms

By Night:​

  • A Highly Professional, Principle Centered and Well Educated Musician (20+ years of study)

  • Independent Songwriter - (available for co-writes and original song tailoring)

  • Audio Engineer

  • Entrepreneur - Artist, Publisher, Record Label, ​​Marketing, [practicing] Web Design

  • A 'practicing perfectionist', on the skills to design, create and customize original songs. 


As a Berklee College of Music Alumni, Jason Rector intends to utilize the skills and talents learned over the years, to continue crafting and sharing these small pieces of songwriting art, with the hope of inspiring betterment within ourselves.

Go ahead and listen to their most recent work.


Now that the foundation is set, time to start building the frame!

Check back often for new songs & sounds.



Blue Ridge, Virginia

amplifier and guitar
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